Spiritual Direction


What is Spiritual Direction?


Spiritual direction is a contemplative practice of looking within yourself, at your life, and toward the movement of Spirit.  A religious background or even belief in God is not necessary, only a desire to more deeply engage with life.


Why Spiritual Direction?

There are many reasons for seeking spiritual direction, such as yearning to listen more closely to God’s calling on your life, to explore spiritual practices, to deepen your prayer life and to enter a period of discernment are common reasons.  If you want to explore meaning in your life, uncover your deepest truest self or to become more open to the presence and movement of the sacred in your life then spiritual direction may be for you.  


Who seeks Spiritual Direction

Anyone interested in engaging their inner life, exploring meaning and/or noticing God’s movement may find spiritual direction beneficial.  People of diverse faiths and traditions, the religious and the non-religious alike.  No particular belief is required for spiritual direction to be beneficial.